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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advcl: adverbial clause modifier

An adverbial clause modifier is a clause which modifies a verb or other predicate (adjective, etc.), as a modifier not as a core complement. This includes things such as a temporal clause, consequence, conditional clause, purpose clause, etc. The dependent must be clausal (or else it is an advmod) and the dependent is the main predicate of the clause.

L'accident s'est produit quand il faisait noir \n The accident happened when it was dark
advcl(produit, faisait)
Il faut venir tôt pour avoir de la place \n One needs to get there early to have a seat
advcl(venir, avoir)

Here are some examples from UD_French-Spoken:

ils ont fait médecine parce que euh ça va être un métier stable \n they studied medecine because uh it's gonna be a steady job
advcl(fait, va)
ça donne un aspect plus moderne quand même si tu mets le tissu tout autour \n it gives a more modern look if you put the fabric all around
advcl(donne, mets)

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