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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advcl: adverbial clause modifier

Adverbial clause modifiers (advcl) are subordinate clauses that are not complements.

Note that unless there is a separate subject for the “subordinate” clause, the subject will be the same as for the main clause, but is not directly connected.

Айгүл санап біткеннен кейін айналасына қарады . \n Aygül counting finishing-from after around looks .
advcl(қарады-6, санап-2)
aux(санап-2, біткеннен-3)
case(біткеннен-3, кейін-4)
nsubj(қарады-6, Айгүл-1)
obj(қарады-6, айналасына-5)

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