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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advmod: adverbial modifier

An adverbial modifier of a word is a (non-clausal) adverb or adverbial phrase that serves to modify the meaning of the word.

We differentiate adverbials realized as adverbs (advmod) and adverbials realized by noun phrases or adpositional phrases (obl). However, we do not differentiate between modifiers of predicates (adverbials in a narrow sense) and modifiers of other modifier words like adjectives or adverbs (sometime called qualifiers). These functions are all subsumed under advmod.

генетически модифицированная еда \n genetically modified food
advmod(модифицированная, генетически)
advmod(modified, genetically)
менее часто \n less often
advmod(часто, менее)
advmod(often, less)
Он прожил очень долго . \n He lived for-a-very long-time .
advmod(прожил, долго)
advmod(lived, long-time)
advmod(долго, очень)
advmod(long-time, for-a-very)
Более 200 человек пришло на встречу . \n More-than 200 people came to the-meeting .
advmod(200-2, Более)
advmod(200-10, More-than)

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