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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PROPN: proper noun


A proper noun is a noun (or nominal content word) that is the name (or part of the name) of a specific individual, place, or object.

Note that PROPN is only used for the subclass of nouns that are used as names and that often exhibit special syntactic properties. When other phrases or sentences are used as names, the component words retain their original tags. For example, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cat is NOUN, on is ADP, a is DET, etc. However, for now, the Portuguese corpora are not very consistently annotated, as many proper nouns (that are mwes) are not split.

Acronyms of proper nouns, such as EUA and NATO, should be tagged PROPN. Even if they contain numbers (as in various product names), they are tagged PROPN and not SYM: 130XE, DC10, DC-10. However, if the token consists entirely of digits (like 7 in Windows 7), it is tagged NUM.


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