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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PROPN: proper noun

The English PROPN corresponds to everything tagged NNP or NNPS in the PTB tag set. (Note that at present we make no attempt to exclude words arguably of other parts of speech which appear in proper noun phrases that the PTB tag set would tag with NNP(S). So, United States is United/PROPN States/PROPN.)

PROPN in other languages: [bej] [bg] [bm] [cs] [cy] [da] [el] [en] [es] [et] [eu] [fi] [fro] [fr] [ga] [grc] [hu] [hy] [it] [ja] [ka] [kk] [kpv] [ky] [myv] [no] [pcm] [pt] [qpm] [ru] [sl] [sv] [tr] [tt] [uk] [u] [urj] [xcl] [yue] [zh]