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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nmod: nominal modifier

Nominal modifiers are inflected nominals which modify another nominal. If they modify a clause/predicate, they are labeled obl instead. They can occur alone or together with an postposition in an postpositional phrase. Both cases are analysed similarly, as semantically nominal modifiers and postpositional phrases are similar.

Izafet construction:

Genitive nouns in the izafet construction get a special relation, nmod:poss, be they indefinite:

Дүниежүзілік экономикалық дағдарыс Иран экономикасын тұралатып тастады . \n Global economic depression Iran-of economy declining threw .
nmod:poss(экономикасын-5, Иран-4)
obj(тастады-7, экономикасын-5)

or definite:

Object of comparison:

Nouns in ablative case which depend on adjectives as object of comparison get nmod:comp:

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