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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nmod: nominal modifier

A nominal modifier is a nominal phrase which modifies another nominal phrase. The dependent must be a nominal phrase.

Guajajara lacks adjectives. Therefore, nominal modifiers in Guajajara may appear in genitive constructions or specify an attribute of the nominal phrase. In genitive constructions, the dependent predeces the head.

Oho Zuze ihɨ kope . \n  Jose's mother went to the field .
nmod(ihɨ, Zuze)

When the nominal modifier expresses an attribute, the head precedes the dependent.

Wiko Zuàw awa zutɨkaʔi romo . \n John is a lonely man .
nmod(awa, zutɨkaʔi)

Most often, the nominal modifier expressing an attribute and its head are joined in a compund noun.

Ur wirahu kaʔa wi . \n A hawk comes from the jungle .
U-zur wira-hu kaʔa wi
3-come bird-big field from
nmod(wira, hu)

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