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This page pertains to UD version 2.

aux:pass: passive auxiliary

The only passive auxiliary (aux:pass) in Finnish is olla (to be). An auxiliary is only considered a passive auxiliary if the main verb is in passive, not if only the auxiliary is in passive. In the latter case the auxiliary is marked as a non-passive auxiliary, aux.

Suunnitelmaan on tehty muutoksia . \n Into_the_plan have_been made changes .
nmod(tehty-3, Suunnitelmaan-1)
aux:pass(tehty-3, on-2)
obj(tehty-3, muutoksia-4)
punct(tehty-3, .-5)
Suunnitelmaan voidaan tehdä muutoksia . \n Into_the_plan can_be made(1st_inf.) changes .
nmod(tehdä-3, Suunnitelmaan-1)
aux(tehdä-3, voidaan-2)
obj(tehdä-3, muutoksia-4)
punct(tehdä-3, .-5)


FinnTreeBank (FI_FTB) does not use the aux:pass relation, but uses aux instead.

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