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This page pertains to UD version 2.

aux:pass: passive auxiliary

A passive auxiliary of a clause is a form of the auxiliary verb быть “to be” used to construct the periphrastic passive voice (in the past or future tense, in the infinitive, imperative or conditional mood).

Кеннеди был убит . \n Kennedy was killed .
aux:pass(убит, был)
aux:pass(killed, was)
Кеннеди будет убит . \n Kennedy will-be killed .
aux:pass(убит, будет)
aux:pass(killed, will-be)
Кеннеди не знал , что ему суждено быть убитым . \n Kennedy did-not-anticipate that his fate is to-be killed .
aux:pass(убитым, быть)
aux:pass(killed, to-be)

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