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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ADP: adposition


Adposition is a cover term for prepositions and postpositions. Adpositions belong to a closed set of items that occur before (preposition) or after (postposition) a complement composed of a noun phrase, noun, pronoun, or clause that functions as a noun phrase, and that form a single structure with the complement to express its grammatical and semantic relation to another unit within a clause.

Certain multiword expressions, such as ενάντια σε, γύρω από are adpositions. The component words are tagged according to their basic use (ενάντια is an ADV, από is an ADP, etc.), the two words are connected with the dependency relation “fixed” and the first word is used as a conventional “head”.

από is sometimes used not as a preposition but rather to ensure distributive readings; in these cases it is is assigned the PoS DET: Για τις θέσεις 1 και 2 υπήρξε από ένας υποψήφιος for the positions 1 and 2 existed from one.NOM candidate.NOM `there was a different candidate for each of the positions 1 and 2’



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