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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ADP: adposition


Adposition is a cover term for postpositions. In Georgian, there are only postpositions.

Georgian postpositions, can be represented by a suffix attached to an inflected nominal (noun, adjective, numeral and pronoun), or by an independent word. The case of nouns or other nominals is determined by the postposition. Each postposition is associated with a specific case, and some with two cases, such as the postposition -ვით ‘like’, which can be used with either the nominative or the dative case. There are no postpositions that govern the ergative or vocative cases. The status of postpositions as multi-word tokens is accounted for at the level of syntactic annotation.

Corresponding language-specific part-of-speech tags

Post: Postposition


სახლში “at home” მაგიდაზე “on table” სახლის ირგვლივ “round the house”

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