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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ADP: adposition

Adpositions is a term that covers both prepositions and postpositions. Irish only has prepositions.

Regular prepositions

There are simple and compound prepositions in Irish.

Note that the compound prepositions are split in the UD treebank (they are joined by _ in the IDT, i.e. os_cionn). Both elements of the compound are assigned the ADP tag, and the fine-grained tag Cmpd indicates that it is part of a compound. Usually, nouns following compound prepositions are in the genitive case. However, there are some exceptions (e.g. maidir le). The fine-grained POS tag for these exception compound prepositions is CmpdNoGen.

Inflected prepositions

16 of the most common simple prepositions can be inflected to mark pronominal objects. These are referred to as pronominal prepositions or prepositional pronouns.


These inflections have not yet been split in the Irish UD treebank.

Progressive aspectual phrases

The preposition “ag” is also used in conjunction with verbal nouns to form progressive aspectual phrases.


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