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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advmod: adverb modifier

The dependency type advmod is used for adverb modifiers of verbs, nominals and adverbs alike.

Governed by a verb:

Бақыткүл мүлдем өзгерді . \n Baqıtkul completely changed .
advmod(өзгерді-3, мүлдем-2)
nsubj(өзгерді-3, Бақыткүл-1)
punct(өзгерді-3, .-4)

Governed by an adjective:

Бірақ кеше өте суық еді ! \n But yesterday very cold was-it !
advmod(суық-4, өте-3)
cop(суық-4, еді-5)

Note that adjectives used adverbially are also given this relation.

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