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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advmod: adverbial modifier

An adverbial modifier of a word is a (non-clausal) adverb or adverbial phrase that serves to modify the meaning of the word.

Note that in some grammatical traditions, the term adverbial modifier covers constituents that function like adverbs regardless whether they are realized by adverbs, adpositional phrases, or nouns in particular morphological cases. We differentiate adverbials realized as adverbs (advmod) and adverbials realized by noun phrases or adpositional phrases (nmod).

Seca afeta pouco a produção de grãos.
advmod(afeta, pouco)
O fã daquela época vai ser fã sempre.
advmod(fã, sempre)
Talvez isto seja muito barulho por nada.
advmod(barulho, talvez)

Note that in the last example, the relation hold between the adverb (“talvez”) and the head of the main clause (“barulho”, since it is a copular clause).

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