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This page pertains to UD version 2.

advmod: adverbial modifier

An adverbial modifier of a word (advmod) is a (non-clausal) adverb or adverbial phrase that serves to modify the meaning of the word.

We differentiate adverbials realized as adverbs (advmod) and adverbials realized by noun phrases or adpositional phrases (nmod) .

Rich, ordea, ez dago bakarrik .

Rich, however, is not alone .

Rich , ordea , ez dago bakarrik . \n Rich , however , is not alone .

nsubj(dago-6, Rich-1)
advmod(dago-6, ordea-3)
neg(dago-6, ez-5)
advmod(dago-6, bakarrik-7)
punct(dago-6, .-8)
punct(dago-6, ,-2)
punct(dago-6, ,-4)

Han ez zen ezer mugitzen .

Nothing was moved there .

Han ez zen ezer mugitzen . \n There was nothing moved .

advmod(mugitzen-5, Han-1)
neg(mugitzen-5, ez-2)
aux(mugitzen-5, zen-3)
nsubj(mugitzen-5, ezer-4)
punct(mugitzen-5, .-6)

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