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This page pertains to UD version 2.

parataxis: parataxis

When two sentences share no relation but are written together in a single sentence (delimited by comma, dash, semicolon or other punctuation) then we use the relation parataxis. As with explicit coordinations, the last element is the governor. Also parenthetical and interjected clauses can receive the parataxis dependency.

Азамат пен Айгүл ойнағанды жақсы көреді , олар әрдайым бақшада бірге ойнайды . \n Azamat and Aygül playing well see , they always garden-in together play .
parataxis(ойнайды-12, көреді-6)

‘Azamat and Aygül like playing, they always play together in the garden.’

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