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This page pertains to UD version 2.

parataxis: parataxis

The parataxis relation (from Greek for “place side by side”) is a relation between a word (often the main predicate of a sentence) and other elements, such as a sentential parenthetical or a clause after a “:” or a “;”, placed side by side without any explicit coordination, subordination, or argument relation with the head word. It is normal for the first part of a sentence to be the head and the second part to be the parataxis dependent. The relation is used for instance for side-by-side sentences, reported speech that is not embedded in a subordinate clause, news article bylines and tag questions.

Früher war es mühselig , nun ist es besser .
parataxis(war, besser)
Ein Skifahrer , so versichert Togni , wolle immer auf die Piste .
parataxis(wolle, versichert)
Fritz Schuster ( CDU )
parataxis(Fritz, CDU)
Du hast es gesehen , oder ?
parataxis(gesehen, oder)

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