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This page pertains to UD version 2.

parataxis: parataxis

The parataxis relation (from Greek for “place side by side”) is a relation between a word (often the main predicate of a sentence) and other elements, such as a sentential parenthetical or a clause after a “:” or a “;”, placed side by side without any explicit coordination, subordination, or argument relation with the head word. In Italian it is used with direct dialogs, introduced by declarative verbs, or lists.

" Ma no , non è così - replica Ante - .
cop(così, è)
parataxis(così, replica)
Romana elettricità , azioni 1400 ; Terni , azioni 300 ; Montecatini , azioni 2000 ;
parataxis(Romana, Terni)
parataxis(Romana, Montecatini)

The following specializations are used in the PoSTWITA, a tweet corpus, since for that text genre it was deeemed necessary to resort to an extensive use of parataxis, and of different flavours for different uses, in order to preserve the unit of tweets:

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