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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NumType: numeral type

Values: Card Dist Frac Ord Range

Armenian has a complex system of numerals. In the school grammar of Armenian, the part of speech “numeral” includes only words where a precise counting or quantity is involved.

From the syntactic point of view, some numtypes behave like adjectives and some behave like adverbs. We tag them ADJ and ADV respectively. Thus the NumType feature applies to several different parts of speech:

Note that there are no adverbial ordinal and multiplicative numerals in Armenian.

Card: cardinal number

Note that in some Indo-European languages there is a fuzzy borderline between numerals and nouns for thousand, million and billion.


Ord: ordinal number

This is a subtype of adjective.


Frac: fraction

This is a subtype of cardinal numbers. It may denote a fraction or just the denominator of the fraction.


Dist: distributive numeral

Used to express that the same quantity is distributed to each member in a set of targets.

Note that 20-ական, 30-ական թվականներին.Plur “by twenty, thirthies” are not considered distributive numerals, we mark them either ADJ or NOUN.


Range: range of values

This could be considered a subtype of cardinal numbers (provided tokenization leaves it as one token).


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