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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

NumType: numeral type

In Slovenian UD Treebank, NumType is a lexical feature of numerals and some adjectives that denote counting by numbers.

Card: cardinal number


Ord: ordinal number


Sets: number of sets of things

Numerals used to count sets of things or nouns that are pluralia tantum.


Gen: generic numeral, i.e. a numeral that is neither of the above


Conversion from JOS

All numerals with Type=cardinal are converted to NumType=Card and all numerals with Type=ordinal are converted to NumType=Ord. Numerals with Type=pronominal are either converted to NumType=Card (lemmas en and eden) or to NumType=Ord (lemma drug). Numerals with Type=special are either converted to NumType=Sets (lemmas not ending in -en) or to NumType=Gen (lemmas ending in -en).

Note that other types of quantifying words have not been explicitly marked in JOS, so assigning these and other NumType values to other words or part-of-speech categories, such as adjectives (enkraten, dvakraten, trikraten), adverbs (enkrat, dvakrat, trikrat; prvič, drugič, tretjič), determiners (veliko, malo, nekaj, koliko) and nouns (tretjina, polovica, četrtina), remains for future work.

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