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This page pertains to UD version 2.

NumType: numeral type

In Turkish numbers can be cardinal, ordinal or distributive. We also mark the interrogative kaç “how many” as a number, which inflects the same way the numbers are inflected and can become ordinal or distributive.

Card: cardinal number or corresponding interrogative


Ord: ordinal number or corresponding interrogative

In some languages, this is a subtype of adjective or adverb. In Turkish, we mark the ordinal numerals as NUM.

Ordinal numerals are formed by the suffix -IncI. A period following a numeral may also indicate ordinal use of the number.


Dist: distributive numeral

Used to express that the same quantity is distributed to each member in a set of targets.

Distributive numerals are formed by the suffix -(ş)Ar.


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