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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

NumType: numeral type

Ukrainian has a complex system of numerals.

From the syntactic point of view, some numtypes behave like adjectives and some behave like adverbs. They are tagged uk-pos/ADJ and uk-pos/ADV respectively. Thus the NumType feature applies to several different parts of speech:

Card: cardinal number or corresponding interrogative / relative / indefinite / demonstrative word


Ord: ordinal number

This is a subtype of adjective or adverb.

Adjectival examples

Adverbial examples

Mult: multiplicative numeral

This is a subtype of adverb.


Frac: fraction

This is a subtype of cardinal numbers. It may denote a fraction or just the denominator of the fraction.


Sets: number of sets of things

Morphologically distinct class of numerals used to count sets of things, or nouns that are pluralia tantum.


Gen: generic numeral

A numeral that is neither of the above.


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