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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

There are no definite or indefinite articles in the Finnish language, but there are other determiners (see ISK §1409). In TDT, mostly pronouns are marked as determiners (det), because numerals, which can also be analyzed as determiner-like, are marked as numeral modifiers nummod, and genitive modifiers, also determiner-like, are marked with nmod:poss.

Kaikki miehet pudistivat päätään . \n All men shook their_head .
det(miehet-2, Kaikki-1)
nsubj(pudistivat-3, miehet-2)
obj(pudistivat-3, päätään-4)
punct(pudistivat-3, .-5)

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