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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

det marks the relation between a noun and its determiner. Attributively used indefinite, demonstrative, or interrogative pronouns are also marked with det. But note that the determiner “kein” does not receive the relation det, but rather the relation advmod.

Der Mann betrat eine Küche . \n The man entered a kitchen .
det(Mann, Der)
det(Küche, eine)
Der Mann , dessen Wohnung leer steht . \n The man , whose appartment stands empty .
det(Wohnung, dessen)
Dieses Mädchen erfuhr wenige Sekunden später , welche Note sie bekommen hatte . \n This girl found out only few seconds later which grade she had gotten .
det(Mädchen, Dieses)
det(Sekunden, wenige)
det(Note, welche)

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