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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

A determiner is the relation between the head of an NP and its determiner. The determiners in Vietnamese are những, các, mọi, cả, tất cả… Beside, in Vietnamese, det also describes dependencies between nouns and their pronoun, for example, ấy, kia, này, đó, bây giờ … Meanwhile, we name this relationship det:pmod.

Trời mưa cả ngày 。 \n It's raining all day .
nsubj(mưa, Trời)
obl(mưa, ngày)
det(ngày, cả)
punct(mưa, 。)
Anh này rất cao 。 \n This guy is very tall .
det:pmod(Anh, này)
nsubj(cao, Anh)
advmod(cao, rất)
punct(cao, 。)

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