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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

A determiner is the relation between the head of a nominal phrase and its determiner. This is usually a pointing sign used alongside a noun, or the numeral ONE (‘one’) used as an article.

PRO1 VÄXA-UPP PEK VÄNERSBORG^SKOLA@en PRO1 FÖDD I@b VAR^BERG@en \n I grew up in Vänerskolan [but] I was born in Varberg
FRÅGA GRODA PAPPA FÅ PRO1 TA*MED@z ADOPTERA EN GRODA JA@ub@z HAND(SJ)+HANTERA@p BEGE-SIG-HEM \n [He] asked Daddy Frog "Can I adopt a frog" [he said] "yes", so [they] took it and went home
det(GRODA-9, EN)

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