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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nmod:poss: genitive modifier

The dependency type poss stands for possessive in the original SD scheme, but in UD Finnish, the corresponding type nmod:poss is used for genitive modifiers in general, which in Finnish often but not nearly always imply possession. There are two kinds of genitive modifiers that are not annotated using the general genitive modifier type: the genitive object, nmod:gobj and the genitive subject, nmod:gsubj.

Matin penaali jäi kouluun . \n Matti's pencilcase was_left at_school .
nmod:poss(penaali-2, Matin-1)
nsubj(jäi-3, penaali-2)
nmod(jäi-3, kouluun-4)
punct(jäi-3, .-5)
Autossa on kahden litran moottori . \n In_the_car is two litre's engine .
nmod(on-2, Autossa-1)
nsubj(on-2, moottori-5)
punct(on-2, .-6)
nmod:poss(moottori-5, litran-4)
nummod(litran-4, kahden-3)


FinnTreeBank (FI_FTB) applies the universal relation nmod instead of the language-specific nmod:poss.

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