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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

The relation determiner (det) holds between a nominal head and its determiner. This relation is used for pronominal adjectival modifiers of noun phrases; the det modifier has the POS tag cs-pos/DET and vice versa. Non-pronominal adjectives are tagged cs-pos/ADJ and the relation is labeled amod.

Pronominal quantifiers are tagged DET but their relation to their head is a subtype of the det relation: either cs-dep/det:numgov or cs-dep/det:nummod.

Ten člověk už je tady . \n The man already is here .
det(člověk, Ten)
det(man, The)
Která kniha se vám líbí nejvíc ? \n Which book is to-you nice the-most ?
det(kniha, Která)
det(book, Which)

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