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This page pertains to UD version 2.

det: determiner

The relation det holds between a nominal head and its determiner. Most commonly, a word of POS DET will have the relation det and vice versa.

In Bulgarian all words that are categorsed as DET also bear det relation.

Представени са също така някои икономически оценки .
det(оценки-7, някои-5)
Presented are also some economical evaluations .
det(evaluations-6, some-4)

However, the short possessive and reflexive-possessive pronouns are treated as PRON but also bear the det relation.

Изглежда , любопитството й беше по-силно от всичко .
det(любопитството-3, й-4)
It seems that curiosity her.SHORT was stronger than anything else .
det(curiosity-4, her.SHORT-5)

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