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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nummod: numeric modifier

Numeric modifiers of a noun or NP, including both cardinal and ordinal numbers, are marked with the nummod dependency type. This dependency type is used also with for instance years and program versions.

Laukku painoi 20 kiloa . \n Bag weighed 20 kilograms .
nsubj(painoi-2, Laukku-1)
obj(painoi-2, kiloa-4)
nummod(kiloa-4, 20-3)
punct(painoi-2, .-5)
Tapasin hänet vuonna 1972 . \n I_met him in_the_year 1972 .
obj(Tapasin-1, hänet-2)
nmod(Tapasin-1, vuonna-3)
nummod(vuonna-3, 1972-4)
punct(Tapasin-1, .-5)

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