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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

vocative: vocative modifier

The dependency type vocative is used for vocatives, that is, expressions where someone is being addressed. The governor of the dependency is the main predicate of the clause where the addressing occurs.

Pekka , tulisitko tänne ? \n Pekka , would_you_come here ?
vocative(tulisitko-3, Pekka-1)
punct(Pekka-1, ,-2)
advmod(tulisitko-3, tänne-4)
punct(tulisitko-3, ?-5)
Mine ära , Ronald ! \n Go away , Ronald !
vocative(Mine-1, Ronald-4)
compound-prt(Mine-1, ära-2)
Te nyisd ki az ablakot , Sam ! \n You open out the window , Sam !
vocative(nyisd-2, Sam-7)
det(ablakot-5, az-4)
nsubj(nyisd-2, Te-1)


See issue 320[https://github.com/UniversalDependencies/docs/issues/320]

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