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This page pertains to UD version 2.

vocative: vocative

The vocative relation is used to mark a dialogue participant addressed in a text (common in conversations, dialogue, emails, newsgroup postings, etc.). The relation links the addressee’s name to its host sentence.

Carissimi , ho ricevuto con grande piacere la vostra lettera 
vocative(ricevuto, Carissimi)
Signor presidente , onorevoli colleghi , buon anno e buon nuovo millennio .
vocative(anno, Signor)
vocative(anno, colleghi)

If the nominal is clearly vocative in intent, it is preferable to use the vocative relation.

Cittadini truffati da le piramidi , sostenete ci ancora e andate a protestare contro il Governo .
vocative(sostenete, Cittadini)

A vocative commonly co-occurs with a null subject.

" Chirac , ricorda ti Hiroshima "
vocative(ricorda, Chirac)

The specialization vocative:mention is used for Twitter @-mentions.

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