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This page pertains to UD version 2.

conj: conjunct

A conjunct is the relation between two elements connected by a coordinating conjunction, such as and, or, etc.

Following general UD guidelines, the first conjunct is the head of the construction. All other conjuncts depend on it via the conj relation.

Bir kız , iki erkek çocukları var . \n They have one girl and two boys.
conj(kız, erkek)
Film siyah beyaz . \n The movie is black and white
conj(siyah, beyaz)
Ayşe'yle Ali kavga ediyoralardı . \n Ayşe and Ali were fighting .
conj(Ayşe'yle, Ali)
Ayşe , Ali ve beni davet etmedi . \n He\/she did not invite Ayşe , Ali and me .
conj(Ayşe, Ali)
conj(Ayşe, beni)
cc(beni, ve)
punct(Ali, ,-2)
Ya Ayşe , ya Ali , ya da  beni davet etmeliydi . \n He\/she should have invited either Ayşe , Ali or me .
conj(Ayşe, Ali)
conj(Ayşe, beni)
cc(beni, ya-7)
cc(Ali, ya-4)
cc(Ayşe, Ya-1)
fixed(ya-7, da)

See the relation cc for a few more examples.

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