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This page pertains to UD version 2.

conj: conjunct

UD coordination has a right-adjunct structure (note that this differs from the structure of the Irish Dependency Treebank). The first conjunct (conjoined element) is the head of the conjoined phrase and all other conjuncts are dependents, labelled with the conj relation.


Tigh Tábhairne agus Lóistín atá anois ann ‘A Public Bar and Hotel is what is there now’

Tigh Tábhairne agus Lóistín atá anois ann \n Houses Tavern and Accommodation that_is now there
cc(Lóistín, agus)

ionaid oidhreachta, chultúrtha agus Ghaeilge ‘heritage, culture and Irish language centre’

ionaid oidhreachta , chultúrtha agus Ghaeilge \n centre heritage, culture and Irish_language
cc(Ghaeilge, agus)

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