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This page pertains to UD version 2.

conj: conjunct

A conjunct is the relation between two elements connected by a coordinating conjunction, such as e, ou, mas etc. We treat conjunctions asymmetrically: The head of the relation is the first conjunct and all the other conjuncts depend on it via the conj relation.

Palmeiras e Corinthians treinam hoje
conj(Palmeiras, Corinthians)
Aqui era o quarto pobre , simples , limpo e acolhedor.
amod(quarto, pobre)
conj(pobre, simples)
conj(pobre, limpo)
conj(pobre, acolhedor)
cc(acolhedor, e)

Coordinate clauses are treated the same way as coordination of other constituent types:

Ronaldo tomou conhecimento da pesquisa e procurou Belluzzo.>
He came home , took a shower and immediately went to bed .
conj(tomou, procurou)
punct(tomou, .)
cc(procurou, e)

Coordination may be asyndetic, which means that the coordinating conjunction is omitted. Commas or other punctuation symbols will delimit the conjuncts in the typical case.

O tom familiar , coloquial , benigno de suas crônicas foi pouco a pouco vencendo as resistências do público .
conj(familiar, coloquial)
conj(familiar, benigno)
punct(coloquial, ,-4)
punct(benigno, ,-6)

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