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This page pertains to UD version 2.

conj: conjunct

The conjunct relation holds between coordinated elements. We treat coordination asymmetrically: The head of the relation is the first conjunct and other conjuncts depend on it via the conj relation. For Swedish Sign Language, we use conj for elements coordinated with or without a cc, as well as repeated elements within a clause not attributed to repair (see [reparandum()].

PRO1 PERF MED.VARA OS@b VM@b \n I have participated in the Olympics and the World Championship
conj(OS@b, VM@b)
PRO1 PRO1 HETA TEDDIE@b@en TEDDIE-SUNDQVIST@en \n I am called Teddie Sundqvist.
conj(PRO1, PRO1)

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