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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

conj: coordinated element

A conjunct is the relation between two elements connected by a coordinating conjunction, such және, мен, немесе, etc. We treat conjunctions asymmetrically: The head of the relation is the last conjunct and all the other conjuncts depend on it via the conj relation.

Олар Финляндия , Швеция және Эстонияидан кейін Ресейге барды . \n They Finland , Sweden and Estonia-from after Russia-to went .
case(Эстонияидан-6, кейін-7)
conj(Эстонияидан-6, Швеция-4)
cc(Эстонияидан-6, және-5)
conj(Эстонияидан-6, Финляндия-2)
punct(Эстонияидан-6, ,-3)
nmod(барды-9, Эстонияидан-6)
subj(барды-9, Олар-1)
nmod(барды-9, Ресейге-8)

Warning: If two sentences are joined with a comma and there is no relation between them, the relation should be parataxis.


Note: Coordination directionality is under discussion.

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