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This page pertains to UD version 2.

conj: conjunct

The conjunct relation holds between coordinated elements. We treat coordination asymmetrically: The head of the relation is the first conjunct and other conjuncts depend on it via the conj relation.

ROOT Kappingin byrjaði í Napoli og endaði í Brescia .
conj(byrjaði, endaði)
cc(byrjaði, og)
nsubj(byrjaði, Kappingin)
case(Napoli, í)
case(Brescia, í)
punct(byrjaði, .)
1500 kr per barn och år \n 1500 kr per child and year
conj(barn, år)
En sekunds tvekan eller dröjsmål eller slarv \n A second's hesitation or delay or carelessness
conj(tvekan, dröjsmål)
conj(tvekan, slarv)

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