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This page pertains to UD version 2.

aux: auxiliary

An auxiliary of a clause is a form of the auxiliary verb быть “to be” used to construct the periphrastic future tense or conditional.

Exception: Auxiliary verb used to construct the passive voice is not labeled aux but aux:pass.

Note that besides aux and aux:pass, the verb быть may also act as a copula and as the main verb.

Завтра я буду выступать в университете . \n Tomorrow I will give-a-talk at the-university .
aux(выступать, буду)
aux(give-a-talk, will)
Если бы я пришел раньше , я бы не пропустил поезд . \n If had I come earlier , I would not have-missed the-train .
aux(пришел, бы-2)
aux(come, had)
aux(пропустил, бы-8)
aux(have-missed, would)

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