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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Degree: degree of comparison

Values: Abs Cmp Pos Sup

Degree of comparison is inflectional feature of qualitative adjectives and some adverbs.

The second degree of adjective or adverb is modified through the adverb ավելի “more” e.g. ավելի գեղեցիկ “more beautiful”; ավելի արագ “more quickly”. We annotate this adverb with the second degree feature.

Note that the third degree of adverbs in Armenian is constructed with the feature of Definite.

Pos: positive, first degree

This is the base form that merely states a quality of something, without comparing it to qualities of others. Note that although this degree is traditionally called “positive”, negative properties can be compared, too.


Cmp: comparative, second degree

The quality of one object is compared to the same quality of another object.


Sup: superlative, third degree

The quality of one object is compared to the same quality of all other objects within a set. Most Armenian qualitative adjectives and adverbs have both morphological and periphrastic superlative forms, modified through the inflected pronouns ամենից or բոլորից “most of all”.


Abs: absolute superlative

The quality of the given object is so strong that there is hardly any other object exceeding it. The quality is not actually compared to any particular set of objects.


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