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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Degree: degree of comparison

Degree of comparison is a feature of adjectives, some adverbs, and verbs in participle form.

Pos: positive, first degree

This is the base form that merely states a quality of something, without comparing it to qualities of others.


Cmp: comparative, second degree

The quality of one things is compared to the same quality of another.


Sup: superlative, third degree

The quality of one thing is compared to the same quality of all other things within a set.




The FI_FTB corpus applies the degree of comparison only when it is noticeable in the word form (that is, in comparative or superlative). Positive (Pos) is not used, as not all adjectives, adverbs and verb participles can appear in the other degrees of comparison at all.

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