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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

Degree: degree of comparison


Degree of comparison is an inflectional feature of some adjectives and verb participles. A participle has to be tagged as ADJ in order to have the Degree feature.

Possible degrees:

Pos: positive, the base form of an adjective.
Examples: suur maja “big house”,
tuntud poliitik “well-known politician”.

Cmp: comparative. The quality of one things is compared to the same quality of another.
Examples: suurem maja “bigger house”, tuntum poliitik “better-known politician”.

Sup: superlative. The quality of one object is compared to the same quality of all other objects within a set. Examples: suurim maja “the biggest house”, tuntuim poliitik “the best-known politician”

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