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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Polarity: whether the word can be or is negated

In Ukrainian, negation is done using the particle не which is most often written as a separate word. In some cases, depending on the part of speech and orthographical conventions, it becomes a bound morpheme, mostly with adjectives, adverbs, and some deverbative nouns. Negation is usually unmarked. However, there are several exceptions for verbs (see examples below) where it is used. The affirmative variants, which are prevailing, are not marked for negation at all.

Note that Negative=Neg is not the same thing as PronType=Neg. For pronouns and other pronominal parts of speech there is no such binary opposition as for verbs and adjectives. (There is no such thing as “affirmative pronoun”.)

Neg: negative


Short forms of some instantenious verbs
Negative existentials

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