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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Polarity: whether the word can be or is negated

In Slovenian, negation can be expressed in different ways. Syntactically, it can be marked by using negation particle ne “not”, as in Tega ne vem “I do not know that.” or Šli smo na ne najbolj zanimivo predavanje. “We attended a not too interesting lecture.”, or by using special negated verb form, as in To ni ona. “This is not her.” Morhplogically, negation is marked by prefix ne-, as in nepravičen “unfair”, neželen “unwanted” etc.

In the Slovenian UD Treebank, we currently only mark negation as an inflectional feature of a limited set of verbs and auxiliaries: biti “to be”, imeti “to have”, hoteti “to want”.

Neg: negative

Polarity is assigned to negated word forms of verbs biti, imeti, hoteti.


Pos: positive, affirmative

Positive is assigned to non-negated word forms of verbs biti, imeti, hoteti with identical set of other grammatical features.


Conversion from JOS

All verbs with feature Negative=no are converted to Negative=Pos and all verbs with feature Negative=yes are converted to Negative=Neg.

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