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This page pertains to UD version 2.

reparandum: overridden disfluency

We use reparandum to indicate disfluencies overridden in a speech repair. The disfluency is the dependent of the repair.

Go to the righ- to the left .
obl(Go-1, left-7)
reparandum(left-7, righ-)
case(righ-, to-2)
det(righ-, the-3)
case(left-7, to-5)
det(left-7, the-6)

reparandum in other languages: [bej] [bm] [cs] [de] [el] [en] [fr] [gsw] [hy] [pt] [ru] [sv] [swl] [tr] [u] [yue] [zh]