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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cc: coordinating conjunction

A coordinating conjunction relation holds between the head conjunct of a coordinate structure and any of the coordinating conjunction involved in the structure. This also includes the first element in paired conjunctions like både … och “both … and” and antingen … eller “either … or”. From v2, coordinating conjunctions are attached to the immediately following conjunct. Note that we never treat punctuation as coordinating conjunctions. For more on coordination, see the conj relation.

1500 kr per barn och år \n 1500 kr per child and year
cc(år, och)
conj(barn, år)
både äpplen och päron \n both apples and pears
cc(äpplen, både)
cc(päron, och)
conj(äpplen, päron)
äpplen , apelsiner och päron \n apples , oranges and pears
punct(apelsiner, ,)
cc(päron, och)
conj(äpplen, päron)
conj(äpplen, apelsiner)
Och du har inte bara en chans \n And you don't have just one chance
cc(har, Och)

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