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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cc: coordinating conjunction

A coordinating conjunction relation holds between the head conjunct of a coordinate structure and any of the coordinating conjunction involved in the structure. This also includes the first element in paired conjunctions like nini (neithernor). Note that we never treat punctuation as coordinating conjunctions. For more on coordination, see the French conj relation as well as the universal dependency page (u-dep/conj).

1500 euros par an et par enfant \n 1500 euros per child and per year
cc(enfant, et)
conj(an, enfant)
Et ce n'est pas la peine d'insister \n And it is not worth insisting
cc(peine, Et)
et j'ai vraiment mal vécu ça \n and I really didn't live this well
cc(vécu, et)
nous avons attendu sept ou huit heures dans la gare \n we waited for seven or eight hours at the station
conj(sept, huit)
cc(huit, ou)

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