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This page pertains to UD version 2.

cc: coordinating conjunction

A cc is the relation between the first conjunct and the coordinating conjunction delimiting another conjunct.

Tantsud ja laulud kestsid hommikuni . \n The dances and songs lasted until morning.
conj(Tantsud, laulud)

Coordinating conjunctions that consist of parts separated by coordinated elements are annotated so that the first part is marked with the type cc:preconj and the second part with cc in the regular fashion.

Töö võib olla nii õnne allikaks kui ka orjastamise abinõuks . \n Work can be a source of happiness or a means of enslavement.
cc:preconj(allikaks, nii)

Coordinating conjunctions are a closed class of words, and the main conjunctions are as follows:

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