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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Person: person

The Person feature for Kʼicheʼ follows the standard UD guidelines for nouns, adjectives, determiners and adverbs. However, verbs can contain agreement features on person for both the subject and the object, so the Kʼicheʼ treebank follows the UD description for layered features, defining Person[subj]=1,2,3 and Person[obj]=1,2,3.

Transitive verbs will have subject and object agreement and intransitive verbs will have only subject agreement. Transitive verbs with passive or antipassive morphology will have only subject agreement.

1: first person

In singular, the first person refers just to the speaker / author. In plural, it must include the speaker and one or more additional persons.


2: second person

In singular, the second person refers to the addressee of the utterance / text. In plural, it may mean several addressees.


3: third person

The third person refers to one or more persons that are neither speakers nor addressees.


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