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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Person: person

Person is a feature of personal and possessive pronouns and verbs. In verbs, this feature marks the subject, in some cases allowing the subject to be dropped entirely.

1: first person

The first person refers to the speaker; singular first person includes just one speaker, while plural first person includes many speakers, or groups the speaker with others.


2: second person

The second person refers to the listener. The singular second person denotes just one listener, while the plural form denotes several listeners.


3: third person

The third person refers to one or more persons who are not present, i.e. neither speakers nor listeners.


0: impersonal form

The impersonal ver forms are employed when the subject is not present. It is a form distinct from the 3rd person which is frequently translated using passive voice in English. It is nevertheless not a passive form, since the verb does not agree with any argument and there is no subject whatsoever


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